Sunday, March 6, 2016

Strawberry shortcake protein smoothie

As I said previously I had been in a search for a new protein powder especially one I can bake with. I found PE select and purchased the snickerdoodle flavor. Typically I am not a huge fan of the snickerdoodle cookie but lie the blondie bars and twists on the cookie and love cinnamon so figured why not. I love it and I love it even more after making this smoothie. It actually tasted like cake. I might have made a second before leaving because I liked it so much. Enjoy! 
1 scoop of PE select snickerdoodle protein powder 
1 container of vanilla Siggis yogurt 
3 tbsp of old fashioned oats uncooked 
1-2 cups of frozen strawberries ( depending on how strong of a berry flavor you want) 
Ice cubes (I used 5-6 I think) 
Optional but highly recommended: 
Rainbow sprinkles 
Pieces of bup protein bar in sugar cookie flavor and chocolate chip cookie dough ( clearly I am indecisive so put both on top)

Directions :
1. Put ice on the bottom of the blender and then add the protein powder,yogurt, oats, and then the berries last. 
2. Turn blender in and blend until smoothie consistency. 
3. Pour in desired glass ( I go for the mason jar especially if you plan on freezing any for the week....just add the top and freeze!). 
4. Mix in some rainbow sprinkles and then add more on top :) add protein bar prices on top as well! 
5. Enjoy!