Sunday, March 6, 2016

Meal prep Monday? More like meal prep Sunday...

Who has time on Monday to do all the cooking and of course baking? That is what Sunday is for...someone else come up with a creative name. I'll post some of the random things I have made today for the week and if you would like any more in depth recipes let me know. I already posted the biscotti. Now time to make a burger on the is just too sunny not to! 

Some wicked simple roasted root veggies---just choose what veggies you want to use (I used carrots, golden and red beets, and parsnip), wash, chop, place in a bowl and cover in oil (oil or coconut), spices ( I did half in cinnamon and half with parsley), put on baking sheet and place in oven on 425 until roasted (time really depends on veggies)

Turkey meatballs: 
See previous post for recipe--basically followed the same just changed spices and took out flaxseed. 

A flavor twist off of the granola I usually make ((has a bunch of mixed nuts, oats, overripe naner, raspberries, blood orange juice, zucchini, and snickerdoodle protein powder). Other than last weekend hadn't made it in a while but had a ripe naner to use favorite flavor. If interested I can post the full recipe.