Sunday, March 13, 2016

A tip from betty....

I know I am not a nutritionist but like to share tips. Many people at work and friends ask for recipes and what I eat before I swim or run so will try and share some. I always try to have a protein bar around in case hunger strikes. I loved quest bars until they "improved" their flavors. I do  like some flavors still but some bother my stomach and some are still harder. I have found a great new bar! They are so soft and fluffy and full of flavor and no stomach issues! Enjoy the tip. 

Betty's tip of the day: many people think it's ok to workout on an empty stomach...just as important to fuel up before as it is to refuel....found the perfect bar for that or two 🙄 just so soft and fluffy you can't choose one flavor @yupbrands. Followed up by a orange cream smoothie with @siggisdairy and @pescience