Sunday, March 20, 2016

Snickerdoodle apple pie smoothie and a tropical creation

I  have been brining smoothies to school everyday to help aid in recovery, build muscle, and partly because I love the new snickerdoodle powder I found! They are easy to travel, snack on and quick to prepare....because once I get to school I don't stop until the kids go to lunch and recess at 1! I need more before 1 considering I swim before I go in. This version literally tasted like an apple pie! I even added some cinnamon roll protein bar for a crust like effect. Enjoy! 

1 scoop of PE select snickerdoodle protein powder 
1 container of vanilla or plain Siggis yogurt 
3 tbsp of old fashioned oats uncooked 
1chopped up apple  ( I used half a frozen one and 3/4 a fresh one so it was a little more than one)
A tsp of nutmeg  
Ice cubes 
Optional but highly recommended: 
Pieces of bup protein bar in cinnamon bun flavor ( sugar cookie would work as well just didn't have any) 

Directions :
1. Put ice on the bottom of the blender and then add the protein powder,yogurt, oats, and then the apple last.  
2. Turn blender in and blend until smoothie consistency. 
3. When you reached your desired consistency add in half the protein bar and mix for about 10 seconds. 
4. Pour in desired glass ( I go for the mason jar especially if you plan on freezing any for the week....just add the top and freeze!). 
4. Mix in some more protein bar and top with as well. 
5. Enjoy!