Sunday, February 28, 2016

A couple random sides and one random tip too

I have been on the search for a new protein powder to bake with and to use
for smoothies. Well I think I have found a winner....Pe select snickerdoodle flavor! I used it for the cookies in the previous post and wanted to use it again. I used it for a twist on my Siggis frozen yogurts. I wasn't sure about adding protein powder to the combo but I figured it is very similar to making a smoothie so why not try it? Tastes like a little cinnamon strawberry shortcake  treat especially with the strawberry breakfast bread. 

Follow the same directions as previous post...basically just pick a fruit flavor/combo and put all the large container of plain Siggis in the food processor and add half a scoop of Pe select snickerdoodle protein powder. Process until combined and place in mason jars or freezer safe containers. 

Going along with my new cooking goal I tried new things at the farmers market this weekend. This was one of them 
Apparently it is called celeriac root. I was being adventurous and the person selling it made it sound good. All I did to prepare it was peel it, chop it, and boil it in the Microwave for about 8-10 minutes total ( did it a couple times ). Then I added it to some roasted parsnips, cinnamon and spinach (for iron) and created a version of mashed root veggies or a little veggie dip or spread for wraps. 

And last random side is more of a tip but just looks so pretty and colorful.....if you know you will have a busy week make a big salad for lunches or sides ahead of time and just add the meat or protein later on! Chopping all the veggies can become time consuming!