Sunday, February 14, 2016

Two quick and easy non- baking sides!

Yes you read correctly .....non baking. I mean a girl does have to eat things other than baked goods (well my grandma and honestly I beg to differ but oh well). The first is a creation after going to the farmers market and being super hungry while the rest of the chicken for my chicken wrap was cooking. It is just a simple side salad made with all local veggies ( well what is in season or at the farmers market right now) and some goat cheese and chicken. Super easy to throw together. I was out of bowls that is the only reason it was on a plate! 

-spinach or lettuce of your choice 
-veggies you like--I used all different color bell peppers chopped up and all different color carrots sliced
- a roasted purple beet chopped 
- a bartlet pear chopped
-sautéed chicken 
       (half a chopped onion if you would like to sauté it with the chicken) 
- goat cheese ( or cheese you like) 

1. If you do not have chicken pre cooked:  
        -turn stovetop on medium high and chop a chicken breast into smaller pieces. 
        - place a coating of coconut oil on heated pan and chopped yellow or white onion. 
         - cook for 2-3 minutes and then add the cut chicken. 
          - top chicken with more coconut oil, sprinkle with pepper and parsley.
            - cook chicken until no longer pinker and lightly browned on top or darker if you are like me :) make sure to be flipping so both sides are cooked! 
2. When chicken is done place lettuce on a plate or in a bowl and add your toppings! Some nuts/seeds might be a yummy addition too! 
3. Enjoy as a side or a small lunch. 

The second is even easier! For some reason I was craving some tortilla chips and figured I would just make them using the package of tortilla wraps I already had! Why go out of my way and bake them from scratch when I have a package that needs to be used(yes I did just say that....laziness also took over)?! This takes a whopping 15 minutes or shorter and 4 ingredients! Enjoy!

-premade tortilla wrap(s)  (I used a whole wheat and grain one any is ok but I would probably stay away from a corn one...not sure how it would bake) 
- coconut oil spry or olive oil spray 
-sea salt 
- parsley ( or spice of your choice)

-I only made one because didn't want left overs but use as many as you are cooking for! I would say one or two per person depending on size of the wrap. 

1.  preheat oven to 400
2.  line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
3. Cut up (or be like me and rip apart) your tortilla wrap and place on lined baking sheet. 
4. Spay one side of the wrap evenly with cooking oil. Top with salt and parsley. 
5. Place in oven and bake for 8-10 minutes or until browned or crispy :)
6. Enjoy with some salsa, another dip or alone!