Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Vanilla peanut butter

I have been sharing my love for PE Select with my coworkers. They have seen my posts and became very interested! I gave them some to sample and both ended up purchasing and have been loving it! One of the coworkers bought the vanilla and told me it tastes just like ice cream so naturally I took advantage of the vitamin shoppe sale and purchased my own tub of vanilla. Just by chance the day I ran out of peanut butter my powder arrived :) so the first thing I when I got home was make some vanilla peanut butter. Clearly have self control....
1/2 scoop of PE select gourmet vanilla flavor 
1 bag of Trader Joe's  roasted unsalted peanuts 

1. Place half the peanuts in your food processor followed by the protein powder and then by the rest of the peanuts. 
2. Turn processor on and let the nuts process away. Stop when needed to scrape down sides. 
3. Process until you reach the desired consistency. 

4. Before you eat it all place in air tight container and store in fridge.
5. Enjoy! Try not to eat all at once :)