Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer is coming :)

Summer is on it's way and what does tha t mean?! It is officially grilling season. I say officially because I grill all year long...yes even in the snow. Here are just a few ideas no real recipes but enjoy! 

Grilled peaches: 
Slice peaches and drizzle honey and some brown sugar if you really want them sweet.  Place on sides on the top rack and cook until the juices start flowing :) ( flip after about 2-3 mins) 

Grilled corn: 
  Keep in husk while grilling and remember to turn it while it is cooking. Depending on size and hear it will take 15-30 mins. 

Grilled chicken strips: 
I marinated these with crushed strawberries and grapefruit slices. I also added some cinnamon and a tad bit of honey would have been nice now that I am thinking of it. I was a bit hungry so cut the chicken into strips so it would cook faster :) can be done with whole chicken breast as well. Top meat with the fruit while grilling. Do not eat the fruit after ( been with the raw meat!) !