Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wait this is not a baked good.....but a healthy spring lunch

Betty is trying to expand her horizons in the kitchen and that means this is a cooking post not a baking post....I know weird. I love the weekends not only because it is a short break but I also have time to try out new baking recipes and I have been trying to do more cooking as well. Most people like the weekends to try new restaurants but I see them as the time to experiment! I usually cook for myself anyways but it usually just ends up being the same thing over and over. I am trying to expand my taste palate a little and try cooking new things! Last weekend I even grilled some salmon...yes you read that correctly I grilled and ate FISH...that was not battered and fried or in chowder. The weather is finally getting nicer so I decided to grill again. If you know me at all you know I usually grill every weekend but this winter was just so terrible I gave up in February. I go to the Hope Street Farmers market every Saturday and this weekend I also decided to go to Four Town Farms in Seekonk (to get plants but also ended up with veggies) so I had a bunch of fresh ingredients and wanted to put them to use. I have been wanting to try and make my own Spring Roll type of wraps so I gave it a shot! The ingredient list is pretty much up to what you like. I will list what I used but feel free to take stuff out or add in!


1 grilled chicken breast-(I marinated mine in fresh lemon juice with the slices left in, fresh orange juice with the slices left in, and crushed and juiced strawberries. I sprinkled cinnamon on top put it in a container, shook it around a tad, and let it sit in the fridge for about 3 hours)

Rice Paper ( I could not find that at whole foods and was in a hurry so I grabbed what I saw. It is actaully the same as rice paper but made from carrots. It is a tad on the sweet side so if you do not like that I do not suggest it. They had a tomato flavor as well.)

Uncooked Red bell peper, yellow bell pepper, orange bell pepper- sliced into very thin slices! (as much or as little as you would like)

Uncooked spinach leaves ( again as much or as little--- I just took it from the lettuce I use)

Uncooked shaved carrot slices ( I uesed orange and yellow- again as much or as little)

sliced cucumbers very thin!

steamed asparagus stalks- (again how much or how little you want)

dressing of choice or cheese of choice ( I used a pear vinaigrette because I marinaded the chicken in all the fruit juices)


1. Grill chicken according to how you like it (or used precooked chicken)

2.  Take rice paper out of package and place on work surface
3. Place spinach leaves down first then layer veggies on how you would like

 4. Add chicken on top and add dressing on top of chicken

5. Wrap the rice paper across to make sure the top and bottom are closed.
6. Create a diagonal slice down the middle and enjoy ( I would have extra dressing handy to dip into!)