Sunday, May 3, 2015

A quick easy after workout snack.....

I usually make my own granola bars and sometimes muffins to have after I swim or run in the morning but have been looking to try some new recipes. I found this blog via Nut's n' more the peanut butter brand I am obsessed with. The baker for this blog does baking for the company as well. I used her recipe for the mini muffins but also added in a scoop of vanilla protein powder (also you know me I do not measure the cinnamon...I just pour....I like a lot of cinnamon). I first made the recipe as is (with the added protein powder) but just put them in mini muffin tins. Because the recipe is only for one english muffin it did not result in too many muffins and I ate all but 3 before they were even cooled. A little later one I made more. This time I doubled the recipe but only used 3 eggs instead of four. The taste/texture was a little different but not too much. Head over to   for her post and recipe.

***I was nervous because I have never cooked with flax seed meal before but they taste just like cinnamon raisin bread but with more protein! 

***If using mini muffin tins like I did I would not measure the raisins just base it off of what fits. When placed in the mini tins they might clump together so you may use less.