Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Easy peasy homemade salsa

Yup I said easy peasy. Deal with it I teach 8-9 year olds. I Don't have exact measurements for this salsa but more of guidelines. Enjoy! 

Note- all my ingredients were garden fresh makes this 100 times better. Also the amount of tomatoes depends on the amount you want to make. This is for the amount  shown above....if you increase tomatoes increase the rest as well. Amount of herbs depend on your taste as well.

About 20 cherry tomatoes (all colors) 
1 ear of corn cooked and taken off cob
1/4 chopped small red onion 
Juice from one small lime

1. Cook the corn ( I cooked mine in the microwave! So much easier and quicker...and the husk comes right off! Place one ear in for 3 minutes and done!). Once cooked remove kernels and place aside.  
2. Chop and slice the tomatoes and add to the container you will be using. 
3. Add the chopped onion. 
4. Chop both the cilantro and parsley and add to container. 
4. Add the corn and the lime juice. 
5. Enjoy! (I topped grilled chicken with it for a wrap!)