Thursday, January 28, 2016

Super easy and quick tuna salad for a meal on the go.

Hello! This is where Betty is going to stray from the baking…. Yes I did say that. If you have read the previous post you know I am now an ambassador for Siggi’s yogurt. I have always enjoyed this yogurt and have it regular, use it baking, freeze it, use it in smoothies, eat with fruit and I could keep going for days! I also cook with it. This week I had a training for school about an hour and a half away from my house and know I will be on the go so wanted to make something quick and easy to take and have. This is why I am sharing this super easy 5 minute tuna salad with you. Enjoy! 


-One can of tuna ( your preference on what kind--you could also use chicken as well- if it is precooked won't add time but if you need to cook the chicken the recipe won't be as quick!)
- one container (5.3ounce) of Siggi’s plain yogurt( I will be honest here I bought vanilla by mistake and I like it with the vanilla but does make the salad sweeter)
-handful of red grapes
- half a bartlett pear ( or a whole depends on your preference also type depends on what you like as well) 
-2 stalks of celery chopped 
-pepper (optional) 

Open and drain tuna can
While tuna is draining cut grapes in halves of thirds depending on how large they are. 
Chop celery if not already chopped 
Chop pear into small chunks
Place tuna in a bowl and add the fruits and celery. 
Add yogurt a bit at a time until you have it as creamy as you would like! (I used the majority of the container partly because I was eating it too)
Mix together and sprinkle with pepper if you would like! 
Make a sandwich, top a salad or eat right from the bowl!
If you have any left place in an airtight container and in the fridge