Monday, January 25, 2016

News and a quick way to make a healthy sweet treat at home

Other than my announcement of getting back to my blog I have never had to make one before! I guess there is a first for everything. I am happy to share that I received an email tonight telling me that I have been chosen to be a Siggi's yogurt ambassador! If you are unfamiliar with the brand I would go to their website and read about them! and then of course try the different flavors! My personal favorites are the raspberry and the vanilla (actually taste like vanilla not a fake flavor). They are all really good and the company has a lot of seasonal flavors as well. I first stumbled upon the company when I tried greek yogurt and was not a huge fan of the tart flavor but wanted the protein. This yogurt is not tart and it has just as much OR more protein than most greek yogurts. Even better, it has no added ingredients that you can't pronounce and hardly any sugar at all (depending on flavor). It is heavy enough to be filling but not too heavy that it can be a great snack as well. Other than for baking and the following sweet treat I am not a fan of any type of plain yogurt but Siggi's is a mild flavor so I do not mind it. I use it to bake with and to create the following sweet treat.....enjoy!

 Super easy and super healthy "frozen yogurt"

  - One container of Siggi's yogurt---flavor of your choice ( I tend to use plain because it is sold in the big container and has less sugar and I get enough sugar with my other treats!--but have also used the other flavors as well)
-any fruits of your choice ( I used a hand full of blackberries and a handful of raspberries this time---I also like orange and raspberry, blackberry and pear---depends on what you like--watermelon is also good but be careful because it makes the consistency more watery so add less fruit!)
-a nice pour of cinnamon (or a spice that goes with the fruit combo you choose)
-a pour of maple syrup or honey (again depends on what fruit you choose)
-additional add ins- any nut butter flavor or nut butter powder, chocolate chips, sprinkles, creative

1. Put all ingredients in a food processor
 2. turn on and leave for about a minute-stop the processor and wipe down the sides to make sure everything gets mixed.

3. turn back on for about 1-2 minutes.
4. Place in as many freezable containers as you want (as long as you don't eat it all first!)

5. Place in freezer and take out and leave out to defrost when you want a little treat or before bed! ( you can also melt in microwave for no longer than 15 seconds at a time depending on size of container! I put in for about 17 with my size)
6. Enjoy!  My favorite thing to do is let it melt and then top it with some peanut butter or almond butter!